Saturday, January 21, 2006

Welsh Assembly members named and shamed

In a letter dated the 24/2/05 to cardiff county councils housing dept offical one Mathew Harris it highlighted more of the same neighbour intimidation copies of that letter went to my MP Julie Morgan, the local police a P.C. Simmons the Local government ombudsman and the following Assembly members DR. Brian Gibbon, Jocelyn Davies, Edwina Hart, Jane Hutt, and Jonathan Morgan.

Needless to say none of the Assembly members mentioned ever got back to me, and so various naughtynesses by individuals involved and mentioned on the copies suppied of the two neighbour nuisance handbook were never investigated, one of those naughtynesses regarded benefit fraud, so in some respects we can say that through inaction the Assembly members, the police and my MP wife of the first minister of the Assembly condoned it through their unwillingness to investigate the matter in any way shape or form.

It appears that they are quite happy for someone to be intimidated by neighbours and do nothing to assist, but then thats why I created the above banner, but the media in Wales and in England have done their best to hide this from the public less others go about doing the same. I doubt very much that the commissioner in charge of the Assembly will investigate this but I believe that their integrity in this and other matter is under question.

I never believed that I would turn into 'a grass' but then after so much neglect and so much corruption in public office that I have come accross what the Hell after all that is what they want me to live in. Surrounded by people who seem to justify theft, abuse and harrassment all because the powers that be have been wilfully negligent towards my health and welfare.

To much of the truth. Oh yes and last wednesday the 18/1/06 I turned up at the Assembly with a T-Shirt that read Edwina Hart lied to me on the 30/11/05 the day I asked if she could reply to some of my letters and she had the bare faced audacity to tell me that she always reponds to correspondence. Its unfortunate that I was not allowed in the plenary viewing area with it on apparently the police class T-Shirts with writing on as Banners, as Rhodri Morgan passed by I did ask 'Since when have we been living in a Fascist State Rhodri' He smiled and said nothing. Apparently the truth hurt one of Edwinas loyal supporters who thought I ought to be ejected from the milling area. I did respond with 'The truth hurts huh'

Its about time you people in Wales woke up to the shenannigans of this so called August Body commonly called the Welsh Assembly.

first published on the 21/1/06

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